What Is Human-Centric Design?

For a long time, government has built websites, forms and services that reflect the needs of government, with little consideration for how difficult to navigate systems were for constituents. This, however, is changing. The phrase “human-centric design” is popping up all over government, being used by everyone from elected officials to public servants to vendors who create and sell products in the gov tech space. Whereas in the past a government website might have consisted of dozens of pages — each one a dense block of nigh-impenetrable text — newer platforms are being designed with users in mind, putting the search bars and the most popular pages up front while streamlining government information across easy-to-navigate layouts. This concept of human-centric design is one that has been used in the private sector for years to enable a greater ease of purchase. For big companies like Apple and Amazon, its been tantamount to success. Customers go to a site like Amazon and find a personalized experience that puts the products they are most likely to buy within reach of as few as one or two clicks, saving them time and energy. It’s this friendliness that many government agencies now seek to emulate,…

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