What Is 5G, and Why Will It Take So Long to Arrive?

5G mobile connectivity promises to bring faster speeds, enabling higher-bandwidth technology like virtual reality. But don’t expect to see it soon. If one can cut through all the noise surrounding 5G, one will find that despite the fanfare about 5G trials rolling out this year and the industry attacks on cities’ ability to control a messy 5G infrastructure, the technology is nowhere near real implementation. “5G deployment is not imminent at all,” said Doug Dawson, owner of CCG Consulting. “Giant companies like Verizon and AT&T are trying to stir up their stockholders” by announcing the deployment, he said. But most cities will not see the deployment of the technology in 2019.  “Nobody is going to go straight to the 5G standard, last year they finally started using the [full] 4G” set of rules, he said.  “We will start seeing some radios as soon as next year with a little bit of 5G in them, but they will just be improved 4G. It takes them about seven years on average to implement the standards.” To understand the deployment of cellphone technology, one begins with the word “generation” — from which the “G” in 5G comes. Wireless phone technology technically started with…

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