How to Get Management Support for Your Security Program

Executive buy-in for cyber projects. Everyone wants it. Few have enough. And even fewer keep it going after enterprise reorganizations or your executive management sponsors leave. But how can you get it? And how can you build support to last? Can it be maintained and nurtured if the top managers are not tech-savvy? Is lasting ‘culture-change’ involving cybersecurity even possible – short of a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ hitting the country or a major data breach event striking your organization? What tips can help communication in obtaining executive support? And what redundant messages generally lead to managers glancing down at their smartphones during strategy meetings? This important topic surfaced again this week in several unique ways. First, as I was presenting a webinar for The Rural Broadband Association – NTCA on being Cyber Wise: Cultivating a Culture of Cybersecurity. The first point within my seven webinar steps was focused on how to get executive buy-in, since culture change is almost impossible if the senior management is not only on-board – but leading the charge. Furthermore, the questions I received after the presentation were focused on how to get security resources in the difficult situation when the management “doesn’t seem to get…

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