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Apple Invites Media to ‘Hello Again’ October 27th Mac-Centric Event

Apple today sent out media invites for a Mac-centric event that will be held on Thursday, October 27 at 10:00 a.m. at Apple’s Cupertino campus.

The October event is expected to focus on the introduction of new Macs, headlined by a much-rumored and highly anticipated revamped MacBook Pro. According to rumors, the new MacBook Pro will feature the first redesign to the machine since 2012.

A thinner, lighter body is expected, with a wider, pressure-sensitive trackpad and a flatter MacBook-style keyboard with the same butterfly key mechanism. The MacBook Pro will be available in the same 13 and 15-inch size options, and will feature USB-C with USB 3.1 support for faster transfer speeds, Thunderbolt 3, and Touch ID.

Touch ID is expected to be built into a new OLED touch panel built into the top of the MacBook Pro, where it will replace the physical function key row. The OLED touch panel is said to feature contextual buttons that will change based on each app that’s in use. A leaked chassis suggests it will feature four USB-C ports and a headphone jack, but no HDMI port, no USB-A ports, no MagSafe connector, and no SD card slot.

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A refreshed 13-inch MacBook Air with USB-C ports has also been rumored, but it is not clear if other internal changes will be made to Apple’s low-cost machine. It’s possible the 13-inch MacBook Air will be a standalone product going forward, based on rumors suggesting the 11-inch model will be discontinued.

Apple is also said to be working on updated iMacs with AMD graphics chips, which could be introduced at the event, and we might possibly see the debut of a rumored 5K Retina display with an integrated GPU. Apple discontinued the original Thunderbolt Display earlier this year, but an updated product has been in the works and it makes sense to release it alongside refreshed Macs if it’s ready to launch.

Apple’s Mac Pro and Mac mini are in dire need of refreshes, having been updated last in 2013 and 2014, respectively, but it is not clear if these machines will also see updates at the event.

MacRumors plans to provide live coverage of Apple’s October 27 event, both here on and through our MacRumorsLive Twitter account. Apple will also live stream the event on — For more information read the original article here.

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Evidence in Trademark Filing Points to MacBook OLED Panel Officially Called ‘Magic Toolbar’

A week before Apple’s just-announced October 27 Mac-centric event, a newly discovered trademark filing has been unearthed online, suggesting a potential name for the OLED panel on the new MacBook Pro. According to information rounded up by Brian Conroy at The Trademark Ninja (via The Next Web), a trademark filed by a company called “Presto Apps America LLC” for a device dubbed the “Magic Toolbar” could be Apple’s name for the touch bar panel on its new MacBook Pro line.

Conroy lays out a line of evidence pointing to Apple’s involvement with this particular name, beginning with Presto Apps’ incorporation on January 22, 2016, and followed by its filing for the trademark just a few weeks later on February 5, 2016. The cost of the trademark application was furthermore estimated to be around €16,000.

The trademark’s cost, along with Apple’s stable of “Magic” products — Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad — fuel Conroy’s main line of evidence. Given that Apple has a well-established reason to potentially do battle with any company in court who would file a trademark with “Magic” heavily featured in the title, Conroy says anyone would “have to be 100% certified insane” to spend so much money on something that a company like Apple could shut down with relative ease. He calls this “the main reason” he believes Presto Apps is Apple.

They would almost certainly be able to stop any other company applying for the trademark ‘Magic Toolbar’, on the basis it’s similar to their existing trademarks and likely to cause confusion.

So, another company would have to be 100% certified insane to spend €16,000 in outlay for a trademark application that someone with the clout of Apple was almost certain to be able to object to and defeat. And that’s the main reason that I’m putting my neck on the line and saying that ‘Presto Apps America LLC’ is actually Apple. To top it all off, when investigating Presto Apps’ trademark applications in Canada, Indonesia, and Malaysia, it was discovered that the “Magic Toolbar” application was filed by the same lawyers who applied for the “AirPods” trademark. As Conroy concluded, “either Presto Apps America is Apple and the Magic Toolbar is going to be part of the MacBook announced on 27 October or else it’s the strangest set of coincidences and unlikely events I’ve ever seen.”

Rumors that began earlier in the year suggested — For more information read the original article here.

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Amazon could start offering its own internet service in Europe (AMZN)

Amazon is looking into possibly launching its own internet service in the European market, according to The Information’s Amir Efrati and Martin Peers.

That means Amazon would be able to start offering a broadband-video streaming package (through Prime Video), putting it in direct competition with other cable providers who offer similar services.

The report doesn’t offer a whole lot of details, but does note that Amazon’s broadband service could first launch in the UK because the country requires its broadband service providers to offer wholesale access to their network to competitors.

The US doesn’t require cable providers to do so, making it more difficult for Amazon to get into.

It’s unclear how Amazon plans to bundle the service for Prime users. But if it becomes part of the Prime package, it would be another major perk offered to its growing Prime userbase. Amazon already offers free two-day shipping, access to tons of music, video, and e-books, as well as online file storage to Prime members.

You can read the full report from The Information here>>

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick ranted for 5 minutes about why he’s done using the NFL’s official Microsoft Surface tablets (MSFT)

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has given up on using the NFL’s official Microsoft Surface tablets, recently telling reporters on a conference call that “they’re just too undependable for me,” Fox Sports reports.

“There’s just no consistency,” Belichick said. “I’ve given them all I can give them. I just can’t take it anymore.”

NFL coaches like Belichick had been using the Surface tablets, issued by the NFL as part of a partnership with Microsoft, as a replacement for printed-out charts and field diagrams. Belichick now says he’ll go back to good old-fashioned paper printouts.

Zack Cox of NESN posted the full transcript of Belichick’s response to Twitter. The coach expressed frustration at the complexity that technology like the Surface adds to the business of coaching, saying “weekly, we have to deal with something,” like network failures or dead batteries or other problems that require attention.

All in all, Cox says, Belichick went on for a solid five minutes and 25 seconds about his technological frustrations.

Here’s Belichick’s full answer as to why he hates the tablets. Lasted five minutes and 25 seconds.

— Zack Cox (@ZackCoxNESN) October 18, 2016

In fairness to Microsoft, it sounds as if the source of Belichick’s agitation may not be the Surface itself. Back in January, the Surface appeared to fail during a game between Belichick’s New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos — but the real culprit turned out to be a Wi-Fi failure in the stadium.

In fact, Microsoft said earlier in 2016 that the NFL’s tablets had never broken, even when Johnny Manziel hit his head on one. Still, it’s not a great look for Microsoft if coaches like Belichick are giving up on using the Surface on the sidelines, even if it’s not the company’s fault.

A Microsoft spokesperson tells Business Insider:

“We respect Coach Belichick’s decision, but stand behind the reliability of Surface. We continue to receive positive feedback on having Surface devices on the sidelines from coaches, players and team personnel across the league. In the instances where sideline issues are reported in NFL games, we work closely with the NFL to quickly address and resolve.”

And here’s Belichick’s full response, as per Cox:

“As you probably noticed, I’m done with the tablets. They’re just too undependable for me. I’m going to stick with pictures, which several of our other coaches do, as well, because there just isn’t enough consistency in the performance of — For more information read the original article here.

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Netflix is booming on the back of subscribers outside of the US (NFLX)

Netflix wowed Wall Street with higher-than-expected subscriber growth and healthy Q3 financial results on Monday, sending its stock up 20%.

What drove that success? Well, as this chart from Statista shows, it’s all about international users. This past quarter, the company added 3.2 million international subscribers, miles more than the 370,000 it added within the US. After expanding to 130 nations en masse in January, and struggling with slower-than-desired growth thereafter, 45% of the company’s 86.7 million subscribers now come from outside the country.

If you’re Netflix, that’s generally a good thing. Still, it’s worth pointing out how the chart’s red bar of US subscribers is increasing at a much slower rate than the international subscribers. Sooner or later, saturation could become a global concern for the company (and its ever-hungry investors), instead of just a domestic one.

It’s also worth mentioning the company’s China problem. Netflix has never been able to tap into its largest potential source of non-US subscribers, and now, CEO Reed Hastings says not to expect a Chinese version of the service anytime soon.

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